Katherine Magpie Photo


Katherine Magpie Photo

Hi, I'm Katherine...

I’m a photographer, a book nerd, and a fan of the Beastie Boys and Diet Coke. I drink whiskey in my free time. I’m not here to steal your man (but I will help you take fabulous photos for him!). I enjoy working with people to create something real, something raw, something true. The thing I love the most about photography is making people feel beautiful. I believe every body is a good body, regardless of size, shape, color, or creed. If you can sit, stand, or lay down in front of my lens, I’ll work to create lasting memories for you.

As a lover of all things furry, sparkly, or boozy, you’ll often find me saying ‘Hi!’ to dogs on the street, cruising the craft store, or playing a vicious game of pinball at Supernova in Downtown COS.  You can often find me lipsynching Alanis Morissette songs on the back of the bus, editing photos on my iPad, and wearing a cheeky band tee.

I love to capture people’s personalities and emotions in black and white photos with subtle film grain and deep matte blacks. I also enjoy a good bowl of pho, over-priced sugary coffee, and the Colorado Avalanche hockey team.

I don't simply

take photos

I create

lasting memories

When we work together to capture the images of your dreams, we create lasting memories. From conception to delivery of your gallery, I am dedicated to making your experience with Katherine Magpie Photo the best possible.

color or b/w?

I often get asked – Do you prefer color or black & white photos? There’s no simple answer to that question! Of course, I shoot in color and use Lightroom and Photoshop to bring my images to life. When I prepare your gallery, I work to include b/w photos as well as full-color images, because who doesn’t love the look of a classic black & white photo?  While a full-color gallery is always provided, an additional exclusively monochrome gallery is available for a small fee.