As a photographer, there are a few shoots I will take without question. Couples sessions, headshots & portraits, and now, Colorado Springs weddings. Why only Colorado Springs, you might ask? Well, with views like this, who needs to travel anywhere else?

On June 5th, I was tasked with capturing the joyous nuptials of Travis and Jessie Bolejack. Travis, a friend and coworker of my brother, and his bride, Jessie, were dream clients. They were kind, considerate, interested in the process of photography and editing, and very laid-back when it came to capturing their special day. From hanging out with Travis and his gang of groomsmen to following Jessie and her beautiful bridesmaids, I could not have asked for a better start to the wedding day. The weather was pleasantly overcast, keeping the temperatures from soaring too high. The lighting was great for portraits and candids. As the day went on, the clouds lightened up, and a few rays of sunshine were able to peek through as the night came in.

The little details of their ceremony are striking. From handwritten chalkboard signs lining the gravel path at Hillside Gardens and Event Center, to the navy and cream silk bouquets adorning the white-clothed tables in the reception area. The groom and his attendants lined up their Rock Crawlers outside the venue and were all too happy to snap pictures in front of their vehicles.

While the men were getting ready inside the main house, the women were taking their time inside the on-site bridal suite. Jessie and her bridesmaids looked beautiful in their champagne-colored dresses and Jessie, in her white gown, stood out above all in the crowd. The contrast between Jessie’s dress and Travis’ dark ensemble echoed the colors chosen in their design scheme for the reception area.

Overall, this wedding was a smashing success! I have never been happier to be friends with the newly-minted married couple, and to have shared in their special day will forever hold a place in my heart.

To view their full gallery, please visit this link.

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