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Ever Growing, Ever Changing

I’ve been working hard to put my best foot forward and show you only the most stellar images from my extensive collection. I’ve been shooting for 3 years and I have nearly filled a 2tb hard drive with photos, and I’ve selected the best of the best to display here. Click through to see my galleries – you will be taken to an external page. Don’t worry! You can always come back and look at more.

Capturing Photos

of Real People

Just like you!


What can I expect during a session?

  •  We will make jokes and have a lot of laughs!
  • We will walk around and look for the best lighting to suit your skin tone, what you are wearing, and to take the best photos.
  • We will talk about what these photos mean to you, and how I can help you realize those dreams.
  • Did I mention we will laugh? I’m going to tell stories and jokes, and if I don’t make you smile by the end of the session, I’ll eat my hat!

What comes after our session?

  • I’ll get to work culling and editing your photos. I’m a dedicated Adobe girl – your photos will be in good hands in Lightroom and Photoshop. 
  • If desired, I’ll work in Photoshop to fix any imperfections – within reason. My rule is simple: If it wasn’t there two weeks ago, and it won’t be there in another two weeks, I’ll fix it. I believe in celebrating our bodies as is, but every once in a while, a pimple pops up, or a bruise hasn’t faded all the way. In that case, they will lovingly be edited out.
  • I’ll upload your photos to my gallery site on PixieSet. If desired or required, I’ll keep your gallery private for up to one month. After that, I will display your gallery as part of my collection. Sensitive subjects, such as partial or implied nudity, will be kept private at my discretion.  
  • If for any reason you do not want your gallery displayed, you must submit it in writing. This paper trail protects you and me equally.

Can I buy prints of my photos?

  • At this time, I do not sell prints as part of my offerings. You are fully welcome to download the high-resolution images from your galleries and print them yourselves. I have a list of high-quality, affordable print houses I’ve used that I’ll be happy to help you work out print solutions.

Can I see all my photos? Can I have the RAW files?

  • In short, no. I don’t share or sell my RAW files. These are the unedited, unflattering images that require TLC before making it into your final gallery. I do not share galleries with ALL the photos taken during the session for one simple reason: Sometimes, the camera catches you at an angle that doesn’t flatter you, and I don’t want to damage your self-confidence by showing you anything less than perfect.

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