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Attention all spooky, ooky, and kooky aficionados:

Spooky Season is HERE! 

As your favorite local photographer with a bad glass habit, I’m offering spooky sessions from now, Sept. 1st until Oct. 15th. Let’s make some spooky, all-together ooky, Halloween magic.

You’ve seen spooky sessions online for years; now it’s your turn to make some lasting spooky memories. Let’s tackle the macabre, the morose, the magnificent. From silly spooky to sexy spooky and everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) in between, if you’ve got a concept, I’ve got a camera!

Want to do some Booo-doir? Let’s go! We can keep it classy, we can make it creepy, but one thing remains true – this spooky session is all about YOU! And gents, don’t forget, dudeoir  is a thing. Think spicy Michael Myers, or Jason Voorhees in his skivvies.

I’m searching for someone to recreate the viral ‘Ghostface selfie’ trend on TikTok – Now looking for spooky couples to make this nightmare come true!

Thinking of doing some Addams Family-esque photos? Well, load up the Packard Twin Six and come on down! Grab your dear, old Uncle Fester, and let’s not forget Lurch.


These spooky sessions are first come, first served. They will take place on weekends and evenings in September and the first part of October. Sessions are 30 minutes, and a gallery of 10 images is provided, with the option to purchase more photos.

Sessions start at $150. For more information, please fill out the form below.

To participate in the 2022 Spooky Sessions, please fill out the form. Be as detailed as possible so I can craft your perfect spooktacular experience. Think of me as Elvira as I lead you through the darkness and into the light – speedlight, that is!

Due to the sometimes graphic nature of these spooky shoots, I am accepting participants over the age of 21. Family-friendly spooky hoots are an option, please specify this in the provided form.

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