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Now Searching for: Perfect Strangers

Starting in September 2022, I will be offering monthly Stranger Sessions! Popular on social media, a Stranger Session is essentially a blind date with fantastic photos. We’ll meet in one of Colorado Springs most fantastic, intimate studios for a 1 hour session where we’ll make photographic magic.

In order to be considered for this Stranger Session, you MUST be comfortable with intimate poses, kissing, and other displays of affection during the session. While this session is ideally for extroverts, introverts and wallflowers may apply, too!

Think of this as your favorite photographer playing matchmaker. Fill out the form and let’s begin! I’ll read your responses and look through them to find the stranger I think is perfect for you.

I will be offering these sessions in the Colorado Springs area ONLY. As interest grows, the serviceable area will expand. 

Ready to meet your match? Fill out the form and let’s goooo!1