On a balmy, overcast Sunday in mid-June, I took to the streets of Downtown Colorado Springs to capture Jessica and Daniel Reinken’s last weeks in Colorado. Jessica is a close personal friend, and when she needed a photoshoot to commemorate her time in CO coming to a close, she knew who to call. (The answer, surprisingly, was not ‘Ghostbusters’, but they were my first guess, too!)

Let’s start our journey through Downtown.

Having arrived downtown early, I spent an hour scouting locations for our shoot. I had a few requisite locations in mind, but I’m always looking for new spots to add to my repertoire. First stop – the alley next to Kimball’s Triple Peak theater. If you follow the long (and sometimes winding) alleyway to its end, you’ll find The Archives bar. For this shoot, we wandered down the middle of the string-light lit alley and struck some classic romance movie poses. Look at the cute little foot pop as Jess and Daniel rub noses. I couldn’t script that if I tried.

Look at the rosy glow in Jess’ cheeks. The shy smile. The way Daniel presses against her as he whispers his favorite breakfast cereal in a southern accent in her ear. No, really! I gave them the prompt, and on the count of three, Daniel uttered the words, ‘Reeses’ Puffs’, and Jess broke into pearls of laughter. But in the split second before that? Pure, unadulterated magic.

Our explorations took us across the street to a favorite mural for solo sessions. Jess was the break-out star of the session, as you can see from above. She takes direction like a champ, poses with a purpose, and always, always, has a smile on her face.

Down the block, Daniel took center stage as we followed the ‘Senior Portrait’ path around town. We hit up the purple and yellow mural outside the locally-famous Chiba Bar for another solo session. Both Jess and Dan posed for portraits. After nabbing the shots of them separately, it was time for some close-ups of the pair together. The sun came out just perfectly, just in time for those two cutesy couple shots.

Down the block we ran to the alleyway beside EDEN Salon, taking in the sites of the majestic mural featuring not one, not two, but FOUR sets of painted wings. Jess and Daniel lined up perfectly with a pair of wings, creating a heart shape above them. I could not ask for a better setup if I tried.

Look at the sheer adoration on Jess’ face. Have you ever seen a couple more in love? Me, either. Our final walk took us down Bijou toward Tejon, and the fairy lights in the tree drew us in. I asked Jess and Daniel to act ‘like they liked each other’, and this is the magic they made. Can you feel the love tonight?

To see more of Jess and Daniel’s love story, please visit this link.

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